Democratizing Access to AI: SLB and Deloitte

Secure and Scalable Enterprise AI: TitanML & the Dataiku LLM Mesh

Revolutionizing Renault: AI's Impact on Supply Chain Efficiency

Leveraging AI in Human Resources for Enhanced Recruitment

Slalom & Dataiku: Building the LLM Factory

Alteryx to Dataiku: Repeatable Recipes

From Sketch to Success: Strategies for Building & Evaluating an Advanced RAG System

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Demystifying Multimodal LLMs

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Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

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Are SQL & LLMs a Marriage Made in Heaven?

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Quantum Leap: Beyond the Limits of Machine Learning

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Quantization in LLMs: Why Does It Matter?

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Parameter Efficient LLM Fine-Tuning

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Applying Transformer Recipes to Tabular Data

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Machine Learning Research, in Practice: LMQL

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From Chatbots to Agents: Augmenting LLMs With Tools

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Tackling Imbalanced Learning With Generative Synthesizers

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