Dataiku and NYC Data Science Academy Partnership

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Beginning next week, NYC Data Science Academy will use Dataiku's Data Science Studio (DSS) to teach one of its courses. Our data scientists will also be performing several guest lectures to help train the next generation of data scientists.

Dataiku and NYC Data Science Academy Partnership Announcement

At Dataiku, We Are Proud to Announce a Partnership with NYC Data Science Academy

“The partnership with Dataiku is very exciting to us,” says Vivian Zhang (founder of NYC Data Science Academy). “We have always focused on our students developing strong technical skills. The trend though is for data scientists to also be skilled in the impactul interpretation of findings using automated data analytics and machine learning toolkits. We are excited to be leaders in this aspect of the data scientist’s education.”

During its 12-week full-time data science bootcamp, students analyze an immense amount of data. Dataiku, will now be used in the classroom as part of that process to enhance students' experience. Our expert data scientists will be on hand to guest lecture courses and help guide projects.

This initiative complements our vision of a world where all businesses, whatever industry or size, can produce their own data-driven strategies by converting raw data into business-impacting forecasts.

We're very excited about this partnership with NYC Data Science Academy. It's another great step towards bringing the efficient practice of advanced analytics techniques to aspiring data scientists. We expect that their feedback will be invaluable as we continue to develop the best possible platform for collaborative data science.

If you're a prospective data scientist looking to enhance your quantitative and coding skills and you're an independent, self-directed data geek, then apply now to the NYC Data Science Academy bootcamp and Download Dataiku to get started.

The bootcamp covers the following technical skills:

  • Data Analysis and Machine learning using R or Python
  • ETL using Python, or similar
  • Production line integration using GitHub, Linux, Sql
  • Big data analytics using Hadoop, Spark and its Machine Learning library

This is just the first step for Dataiku and our team of experts to help prepare tomorrow's new crop of data scientists. Read about how another educational institution, University of Chicago, is using Dataiku as well.

You can follow the project on Twitter using Twitter: @nycdatasci HashTag: #DiveIntoData

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