Learn Daily Best Practices for Empowering Your Data Team With This Calendar

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It’s a turbulent time for people around the world right now, and managing or being part of a remote data team can be challenging even under regular circumstances. However, the new work setup (and the potential extra free time that may come along with it for some) can also be used as an opportunity to reflect on your overall data team structure, strategy and goals, as well as to learn and get inspired for better days ahead. 

In our Data Science from Home Calendar, we offer you a daily selection of content, insights and tips (plus some just-for-fun bits to keep you entertained and relaxed) that aim to support you in leading and empowering your data team through these difficult times, and in the long term.

IMAGE Data Science from Home Calendar DATA TEAM MGR March 2020

Here are some of highlights of the daily content and inspiration you will get as part of the calendar:

Day 1: Lay the Groundwork

From ensuring full transparency to recurring quick-hit meetings, this is how to set up your team for (remote) data science success from day 1! 

Day 8: Nurture Your Data Team

Nurturing a productive data team is no simple task, but it’s even more essential in the context of remote work. Learn all the best practices in this guidebook.

Day 14: Just for Fun

If WFH is giving you some extra time on your hands or if you’re getting bored on the weekend, why not combine work with play and challenge yourself and your team with a Data Science Crossword?

Day 18: Learn from Distributed Data Teams

Countless distributed data teams have been operating smoothly for years. Here’s a peek into how they operate.

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