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EGG On Air: How It Started vs. How It’s Going

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It’s officially been more than three months since we took EGG, the human-centered AI conference, “on air” and made it a multifaceted virtual experience, complete with three main formats — livestreams, Episodes, and on-demand content. While unique in nature, each format is designed to help us continue our mission of informing, inspiring, and connecting people in the AI community globally, amidst the tumult of 2020 nonetheless! Here, we’ll pull back the curtain and reveal some insights from 2020 and share some ways to get involved and sessions to look forward to in early 2021!

By the Numbers

Here are some fast facts of what we’ve accomplished since we launched EGG On Air on Sept. 15: 

      • 13 livestreams (5 of which are from women!)
      • 4 Episodes (on topics including but not limited to Responsible AI, collaborative data science, diversity and inclusion in data science, and digital transformation across the enterprise)
      • 162 videos in the EGG On Air on-demand content hub
      • More than 147,000 video loads 
      • More than 21,000 minutes of content viewed

David Ryan Polgar EGG On Air Episode

See David Ryan Polgar's Episode here

Get Involved: What We Look for in Speakers

For EGG On Air, we hand-select speakers who are passionate about exploring what AI can do, and, practically, how companies can get there. While there are no specific requirements for topics, speakers (who range from data team managers to VPs, CIOs, CDOs, and more) typically present on either an organizational (i.e., attitudinal, cultural) or technical challenge (i.e., a high-level or in-depth use case walk-through) that companies might face on the path to Enterprise AI to ensure the content is relatable and relevant. Ultimately, the goal is for attendees to leave the session with concrete next steps for shaping the future of AI in their own organizations. 

Once we get in touch with an interested speaker, we meet to discuss their talk and important elements such as topic ideas, storylines, use cases and examples they’ll share, and takeaways for the audience. The speaker is involved in every step of the process for transparency and to make sure that the topic and content aligns both with our EGG audience (global data leaders and practitioners) and the speaker’s subject matter expertise. If you are interested in participating, submit your speaker proposal

Noelle Silver EGG On Air Episode

See Noelle Silver's Episode here

Looking Ahead 

In 2021, we’re excited to bring you even more EGG On Air content. Check out what’s upcoming in the new year:

  • Nicole Alexander’s Livestream, “The Continued Move to Explainable AI” 
  • Aishwarya Srinivasan’s Livestream, “Tackling Data Privacy With Federated Learning: Real-World Use Cases” 
  • [Episode] Jeff McMillan, Chief Analytics and Data Officer at Morgan Stanley, will discuss how to become an intelligent organization in the age of AI
  • [Episode] Nicole Alexander, Professor of Marketing & Technology at NYU, will discuss the digital implications of data such as compliance and regulation
  • [Episode] Shaun McGirr, Co-Founder at Half Stack Data Science, will discuss key players in the data science food chain, the threats to the ecosystem, and alternative solutions when it comes to scaling data efforts

Episode - Shaun McGirr-blog-High-Quality

Stay tuned for Shaun McGirr's Episode launching in early 2021!

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