Highlights From the Dataiku Insiders Days... in VR!

Dataiku Product, Scaling AI Lisa Bardet

As you might have read, we launched the Dataiku Neurons program in October to recognize and reward our most helpful users across the community who consistently share their knowledge to help others advance toward data science democratization.  

We wanted to craft a special experience to thank and connect them. But as these times prevent us from meeting in person, and so many of us suffer from Zoom fatigue, we were looking for another way of interacting. Enter: virtual reality (VR)! In this blog post, we'll provide an overview of Dataiku Insiders Days in VR, including fun highlights and user testimonials.


The Dataiku Insiders Days were hosted on February 3-5 to build relationships between the Dataiku Neurons. The agenda featured exclusive Dataiku DSS content (including our roadmap and a preview of the next Dataiku DSS product release), focus groups to share knowledge on data topics of interest, feedback sessions on the Dataiku Community… and a little extra fun with a virtual treasure hunt, an astronomical riddle game, and 3D coffees and cocktails to share and resize following the time of the day! 

“It was great fun — after almost a year of working remotely, I was feeling a little burned out from digital events. This format was so cool and new that it actually felt much closer to attending a real conference.” Ben Powis (Data  Science Manager, MandMDirect)

By simply putting on a headset, VR enabled us to chat almost as if we were in the same room. The immersive experience renders the physical sensation of space, since participants move around the room to talk to each other through lifelike avatars, view content, and contribute through 3D sticky notes and other creative drawings.

These features perfectly aligned with the purpose of the Dataiku Insiders Days. Previously, these days were hosted annually in our Paris and New York offices to bring together our most advanced users, show them unrealized Dataiku DSS content, gather their feedback, and have some nerdy fun! 

The Dataiku Neurons particularly enjoyed this new way of interacting, which not only brought them closer together, but helped them form relationships with the Dataiku Community team and other special guests from across our organization and our customers. 

“I really enjoyed being able to interact with each other in VR, especially refreshing given the circumstances with the pandemic. I also enjoyed seeing all of the amazing work being put into the next release of Dataiku DSS and the Dataiku Community/Academy. I am excited for what is to come!” Tim Wright (Data Science Practice Lead, Axis Group) 

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