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Meet the Dataiku Neurons

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Since we released the Dataiku Community earlier this year, a few members have been pivotal in helping us grow and foster knowledge-sharing with fellow Dataiku DSS users. We’re excited to recognize them today through the launch of a dedicated ambassador program: the Dataiku Neurons!

The program aims at acknowledging these members’ invaluable contributions to helping the Dataiku Community grow (and thanking them for those efforts). We’ll be providing them with opportunities to further develop and share their expertise in Dataiku DSS and data science, along with exclusive events, special access to our product team, and some other fun surprises. 

Who Are They?

Adam, Ben, Marlan, Mateusz, Marc Robert, Tim, Tuong-vi, Tom, Ignacio — if you’ve been around the Dataiku Community, you might recognize familiar faces! The Dataiku Neurons have been selected based on their contributions to sharing knowledge with users in the Community, building connections through User Groups and online events, and giving feedback to help us continually improve.

dataiku neurons community members

For example, in the midst of the sudden remote work shift, Tom facilitated an online exchange for our data community to connect and support each other in these challenging times.

Leading the Paris User Group, Tuong-vi recently shared her best practices on the complex topic of operationalization, followed by a discussion for French users to explain their challenges and elaborate solutions based on collective knowledge.

If you missed either of those events, not to worry — there’s still time to join in. On Thursday, November 5th at 11 am ET, Ignacio will present learnings from his journey to build a data-centric culture at the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Observatory.

What's Next?

Neurons faviconDiscover all the Dataiku Neurons, and feel free to connect with them to discuss any topics related to Dataiku DSS and data science! When browsing and interacting on the Dataiku Community, you will recognize them thanks to a special favicon appearing on their profile. You’ll also see them hosting online events and leading user groups, providing more opportunities for exchange.

New members are periodically added to the program based on ongoing contribution to the community. If you’d like to take part, you can start answering questions to help fellow users, completing the Learning Paths to certify your Dataiku DSS skills, and participating in User Groups and online events to share your knowledge.

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