I Have GCP, Why Do I Need Dataiku?

Dataiku Product Nick Greising

Data and AI efforts are crucial in businesses seeking powerful value-generating insights. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a powerful cloud platform that empowers expert data teams with data and AI services like BigQuery or Gemini. 

As AI and Generative AI (GenAI) grow in importance, it is important that business professionals also have the tools and oversight necessary to use data in their daily work effectively. As AI expands, becoming vital across organizations, enterprises must adopt AI at scale while maximizing their GCP infrastructure investments.

Dataiku is the unique solution to accelerate and scale your enterprise AI efforts, uniting technical professionals and subject matter experts on a single platform. From data analytics to machine learning and GenAI, Dataiku with GCP empowers data-focused teams for faster, smarter decision-making while leveraging your GCP infrastructure.

Empower and Collaborate Between Cross-Functional Teams 

Dataiku allows experts of all functions—business, data, AI, and IT—to work and collaborate in a single platform. Subject matter experts will benefit from visual no-code and low-code features, allowing them to participate in your data initiatives by building data workflows quickly and effectively. Visual data preparation, automatic feature engineering, and AutoML are a few ways non-technical profiles are empowered to find powerful data insights. 

Data and AI specialists can produce and improve pipelines through their favorite IDEs in Dataiku and have full programmatic functionality. 

Regardless of role or persona, everyone can work together to produce faster, stronger, and more robust results from data projects. Using Dataiku and GCP, the data science team at MandM collaborated with the company’s business experts to increase value and reduce project development time by 10x compared to a code-only approach.

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Collaboration is really important. If we’re just a team with everyone running their own notebooks on their own machines, you can’t say, ‘Hey, check out this thing I did a few weeks ago.’ With the power of Dataiku and GCP, we can work on projects at the same time in a way we couldn’t before.

— Ben Powis, Head of Data Science at MandM

Reduce Time, Energy, and Costs for Ops and Maintenance

Dataiku with GCP excels in allowing teams to collaborate, but it truly shines in simplifying the operations and maintenance of models and data pipelines. 

Dataiku's key capabilities enable end-to-end analytics and data science, eliminating the need for various machine learning (ML) services, reducing maintenance and DevOps costs, and enhancing MLOps efficiency. These capabilities allow experts the freedom to focus on high-impact tasks. Dataiku achieves this through the following methods:

  • Dataiku integrates with numerous GCP services (like BigQuery and Google Kubernetes Engine) for storage, compute, and deployment. Seamless data access and orchestration enable data scientists to enjoy GCP's scalability and performance through elastic cloud computing, without managing the infrastructure.
  • Allow users to work how they feel most comfortable, employing custom code or a visual pipeline for modeling and other data tasks. 
  • Dataiku acts as a central MLOps hub, enabling deployment, monitoring, and management of machine learning models and projects in production with its seamless orchestration and Model Evaluation Store. The Unified Monitoring hub tracks the health and performance of Dataiku and VertexAI models, regardless of deployment location. Dataiku's external models also democratize VertexAI models for wider organizational use in Dataiku data projects. Read how MandM Direct “saves literally days of work every month” with MLOps in Dataiku on GCP.
  • Dataiku solutions offer pre-built, adaptable projects for AI-driven approaches to common business challenges, delivering results in minutes. Solutions like demand forecasting, customer segmentation, and many more reduce the energy and headcount required to address your most pressing business questions.

Also, organizations prioritizing speed to value recognize that the cloud is the best way to achieve this. With Dataiku Cloud, Dataiku's top-tier SaaS solution, you can swiftly begin to utilize your Google Cloud Platform resources across the entire organization in minutes—saving time and bandwidth compared to a lengthy deployment process within your tenant.

GCP x Dataiku

Have Best-In-Class Trust and Governance

Effective oversight is critical for large-scale analytics. Dataiku offers a centralized platform to manage data and models, ensuring proper control over multiple data initiatives. With Dataiku Govern, organizations gain a central command center to monitor progress and standardize workflows for Responsible AI implementation.

Users retain complete control over storage, compute, and deployment while maintaining data integrity by eliminating data movement from sources like BigQuery or Google Cloud Storage. For Generative AI Projects, Dataiku's LLM Mesh enables organizations to build enterprise-grade applications by addressing the concerns related to cost management and compliance using LLM usage logs, toxicity and PII checks, and other built-in features.

What does this look like in practice? LVMH used Dataiku and GCP to establish a governance framework before executing data initiatives. This guaranteed safety and integrity while accelerating project delivery through asset reuse.

Future-Proof Your Ecosystem With Dataiku and GCP

With AI technologies moving quickly, adaptability is just as important as governance. Dataiku seamlessly integrates with various on-premises, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures. These integrations optimize resource usage and minimize data movement by pushing down compute to underlying data sources like BigQuery, Snowflake, and Databricks. Fully benefit from efficient data and AI pipelines and adjust quickly to any data migrations. 

The flexibility and power of Dataiku's integration with GCP have been instrumental in helping organizations like Australian Post enhance their operations.

Further advancing our ability to forecast parcel demands in the network, we’ve used Dataiku to improve accuracy and provide ten times the depth of insights to create forecasts that are more useful to our operations teams.

— Data Science Team at Australian Post

Also, with advancements to GenAI, Dataiku’s LLM Mesh consistently adds the newest and most popular LLMs on the market like Gemini. These additions enable your teams to consistently select and use the right LLM for your specific use case through prompt engineering and RAG, whether it is a hosted model like Google Gemini or a local Hugging Face model.

Dataiku and GCP form a powerful combination, enabling organizations to maximize their data and AI initiatives while leveraging their existing GCP investments. By providing a centralized platform for collaboration, governance, and MLOps, Dataiku empowers cross-functional teams to work together efficiently, reducing time and costs associated with operations and maintenance while ensuring trust and adaptability in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

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