What’s New in the Dataiku Academy Since Launch?

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Last May, we launched the Dataiku Academy, our free self-service learning and certification platform. Since then, we’ve been keeping busy trying to create and continuously improve on this interactive learning experience with video-rich content, self-paced courses, learning paths and certifications, to guide and support all of our users in their journey of learning and mastering Dataiku DSS.

After a mere nine months, we now have a total of 11,000 Academy students, over 2,500 issued certificates, and over 45,000 course registrations!

We thought it was time to share with you what the Academy has been up to lately and how you can leverage our latest content to boost up your Dataiku DSS knowledge and skills.

3 Learning Paths (and Counting!) to Become a Dataiku DSS Visual Guru

In 2020, we released our first three learning paths, Core Designer, ML Practitioner, and Advanced Designer, which cover the core knowledge and skills that you need in order to master Dataiku DSS’s advanced analytics and visual machine learning capabilities (as well as, for coder users, extending some of these visual capabilities with code).

Master All the Basics With Core Designer

If you’re just starting out with Dataiku DSS, there’s no better place to begin than the Core Designer learning path. In just a few hours, you’ll learn to navigate the product’s interface, create your own project, connect to data sources, perform data analysis, and share results through reporting tools such as dashboards.

Since the launch of the Core Designer learning path in May 2020, more than 7,500 users have enrolled and of them, over 1,900 have become certified.

Get Predictive With ML Practitioner

Our second learning path, ML Practitioner, will take you far and beyond by giving you the tools to build your own predictive machine learning models and deploy them to score new data, by only using visual tools! What’s more, you’ll also learn about model management and governance basics, and how you can leverage Dataiku DSS’s Explainable AI and interactive statistics tools to understand and interpret your model.

Since the launch of the ML Practitioner learning path in June 2020, more than 1,700 users have enrolled and of them, over 500 have become certified.

Build and Automate Data Pipelines Like a Pro With Advanced Designer

Our latest learning path, Advanced Designer, will empower you to leverage even more of Dataiku DSS’s advanced analytical capabilities to build sophisticated data pipelines with visual recipes, optimize and customize your workflows with variables, partitions, reusable items, and plugins, and automate them with scenarios.

Since the launch of the Advanced Designer learning path in December 2020, more than 600 users have enrolled and of them, over 125 users have become certified.

Countless Tutorials to Get Your Hands Dirty, With or Without Code

In addition to our video-rich concept lessons, both the Academy learning paths and the stand-alone courses in the course catalog offer a myriad of tutorials, with sample data, starter projects, and detailed step-by-step instructions to really get hands-on with the product.

These hands-on tutorials cover a broad range of use cases and skill sets. The Advanced Code tutorial-rich course series can be a great resource for more technical users, while waiting for the upcoming code-focused Developer learning path to roll out.

For non-technical users, the Dataiku Applications Tutorials are a useful guide on packaging data projects into reusable applications for other users to consume and manipulate insights.

Learn, Get Certified, and Get Help On Your Own Terms

Finally, we’ve been working hard to make the Academy, and all of our supporting learning resources, as accessible and personalizable as possible. Here are a few notable improvements that we have implemented since the launch:

1. Video or text? You decide.

You can now choose whether to consume concept lessons as videos or as text, with reference images and screenshots. To read the concept summary instead of watching the video, you simply need to click on the blue “details” arrow. Alternatively, if you choose to go with videos, you could turn on the captions (or even French subtitles).
concept summary: window recipe Dataiku Academy2. Already know what this lesson is about? Go ahead and skip it.

Dataiku DSS has a broad range of different functionalities and features, so we know that our learning paths and courses can get quite long, especially for users who already have experience with the product. This is why, since December, we have removed the “sequential navigation,” which means that you don’t have to complete each and every lesson of a course. While the latter is recommended for achieving the best results, the minimum requirement for completing a course now is simply passing the final quiz.

3. To be or not to be...certified? The choice is yours!

We have also decided to separate the certification assessments from the learning paths. They now have their own dedicated page, so you don’t need to pass the certification exams in order to complete learning paths, if your goal is simply acquiring the knowledge. If you do, however, want to get an official certificate, valid for two years, and celebrate your achievements on LinkedIn, the certifications page is the place to head to after completing a learning path!

4. Can’t find an answer on the Academy? We got you.

Finally, we know that no matter how hard we try, we can’t always provide answers to each and every one of your questions and needs in our courses. This is why we encourage you to take advantage of and use the Academy in combination with our other learning resources.

You can join the Dataiku Community to ask questions, connect with peers, and contribute to discussions; you can use our Knowledge Base for unlimited access to detailed how-to articles and guides; or visit the product reference documentation for specific information regarding product specs, features, and functionality.

Whichever path to Dataiku DSS mastery you choose to follow, we want to wish you happy learning!

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