5 Pieces of Good News for Data Analysts in 2020

Data Basics, Scaling AI Nancy Koleva

The 2010s have seen the rise and overwhelming success of all sorts of data-related jobs, and that of data and business analysts is no exception: according to the LinkedIn Workforce Report from 2017, in the U.S. alone, demand for data analysts has grown sixfold compared to five years ago, and their role will continue to be among the most sought after in the new decade.

But as with many other jobs out there, the rapid and constant developments in AI, machine learning, and automation have led some analysts to worry about what all this could mean for the future of their profession. While some change and need for adaptation is inevitable (and highly beneficial in the long term!), rest assured that business and data analysts are here to stay.


Are you still not totally convinced? Or do you just want to start off the new decade with some good news? Check out the infographic below to learn why the 2020s are bound to be a great time for analysts around the world!

GM991-DAC Analyst infographic 2020 - 2


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