5 Key Figures to Know About AI in Retail and CPG

Scaling AI Nancy Koleva

If you judged by the number of times the phrase “artificial intelligence” was used at NRF 2019 - Retail’s Big Show and Expo, you would think that advanced solutions are being rolled out across every retail enterprise. Yet aside from huge strides being made by behemoth pure digital players in the space, the reality is that the AI maturity level in this industry is still relatively low.

This infographic (and its accompanying white paper) shows the key facts and figures about the state of AI in the retail and CPG industries, as well as about the emerging trends and opportunities, to consider when getting started (or continuing) an AI journey.

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Making the transition into the age of AI isn’t easy for the retail and CPG industry, but with the right infrastructure for people, processes, and tools, companies can thrive. Download our new white paper and learn about the highest-value use cases, main challenges, and top trends for AI in retail and CPG. 

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