A Sneak Peek of Season 5 of the Banana Data Podcast: Humanizing Data Science and AI

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Welcome to the Banana Data Podcast! We're a data science podcast hosted by Dataiku with a goal to demystify and democratize all things within the data science and AI ecosystem. Over the course of four seasons, our hosts have navigated through topics ranging from scaling Enterprise AI processes to making sense of AI journalism and developing AI models through a responsible and ethical lens. 

The Banana Data Podcast team is now gearing up for the season 5 launch next month, with hosts Christopher Peter Makris and Corey Strausman leading the charge. Continue reading for a sneak peek of what’s to come in season 5, as well as a recap of key themes from all of our previous seasons. In the meantime, keep up to date on the latest trends, news, and big convos in data and AI by subscribing to the Banana Data Podcast, available wherever you listen to podcasts! 

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Banana Data Podcast

Season 5: Humanizing Data and AI

In season 5 of the Banana Data Podcast, Chris and Corey are looking to tackle big questions around the idea of humanizing data. Stories that humanize data are essential not only in charting the path to added business value, but also for mitigating risk and providing top quality services to enterprise customers. How can data practitioners and their counterparts extract meaningful stories to quickly capture the context of data value and use? What are the hurdles and catalysts to these processes? All this and more is coming soon in season 5 of the Banana Data podcast. 

Can’t wait until the launch of season 5? Check out this recap of all our past Banana Data seasons: 

Season 1: The Latest & Greatest in Data and AI

Season 1 was hosted by Triveni Gandhi and Will Nowak. Check out this season if you are interested in hearing about what Triveni and Will deem the most important aspects of a data science practice. From intentional data to getting outside perspectives, our hosts walk us through how to build scalable, responsible, and interpretable AI. 

Main Themes:

  • Responsible and interpretable AI
  • Data intentionality
  • Trendy data science topics

Season 2: Behind the AI Curtain 

In season 2, Triveni and Will continue to pull back the curtains on AI. Together, they level with audience members about which data science trends are overhyped, explain quick and easy data science wins, and expose the realities of communicating data science projects to stakeholders. Check this season out if you’re interested in how to foster a more open, honest, and transparent conversation around data science and AI. 

Main Themes: 

  • Demystifying and dehyping AI
  • Setting realistic expectations of AI

Season 3: Enterprise Scaling With People & Processes

In season 3, we’re focused on how you can scale your data science people and processes. Moving from a single data scientist or a small startup to an enterprise means putting into consideration more questions than before. Who do we trust and how do we scale well (and responsibly) while maintaining innovation? 

Main Themes: 

  • Technical algorithms and ethics
  • Cross-industry comparisons
  • Scaling with people, data, and process
  • Becoming an AI champion, advocate, and expert

Season 4: How to Be an Ethical Data Scientist

In season 4, we are joined by Christopher Peter Makris and Corey Strausman, two new hosts, alongside Triveni Gandhi. Tune in to season 4 if you want a focus on the “how to” of being a data scientist. In season 4, we shift the conversation from what we should be thinking about to how we can enact real change. We also highlight the practical tools and methods for becoming better practitioners and educators in our roles as data scientists.

Main Themes:

  • Tools to build ethical AI
  • Ripple effects of AI
  • How to be a good data scientist

Recent Episode Releases:

  • In English Please (IEP) Part 1 and Part 2: Check out a recap of all of our “In English Please” segments. These segments are quick explanations of complex data science terms, processes, or phenomena distilled into easy to understand concepts. Think of this as your data science encyclopedia. Have a listen to the two-part series on “In English Please" below:

  • 2021 Trends in AI: Here we discuss looming trends in data science and AI that will lead us into 2021 and touch on latency, normalized AI, citizen data scientists, and actualized Responsible AI.

About the Banana Data Podcast Hosts:

Christopher Peter Makris (CPM) is a Lead Data Scientist at Dataiku. With a background in logic, discrete mathematics, and statistics, he brings experience from both industry and academia. CPM previously stood as Director of Data Science at the NYC Data Science Academy and Executive Director of the Master’s of Statistical Practice Program at Carnegie Mellon University. 

At both institutions, CPM took pride in professionally developing students, aiding in the redesign of technical curricula, and delivering over 3,000 hours of lectures to graduate audiences. In industry, CPM most recently helped thwart cybercrime as the Director of Security Data Science at Empower Retirement. When not crunching numbers on his computer, CPM is crunching his abs in the studio as he’s an avid dancer, choreographer, and CrossFitter (so, while he considers himself a data scientist, he can only count to 5-6-7-8...).

Corey Strausman is the Community Manager helping manage the Dataiku Community. His background is primarily in nonprofit administration and community management. With no background in data science, Corey looks forward to using his role on the Banana Data Podcast to learn about the ins and outs of all things AI. 

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