Talking AI Democratization With Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

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During our Frankfurt Roadshow of the Dataiku Everyday AI 2023 Conferences, we interviewed various industry leaders to learn more about their views on Everyday AI (including plans for Generative AI). This blog is a transcript of our interview with Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach, entrepreneur and AI and cybersecurity professor. 

What Does Everyday AI Mean to You? 

For me, Everyday AI is the democratization of technology. I started in AI 20 years ago when it was a very lonely space. Today, everyone is talking about it and recognizes it and more is to come.

What Do You Want Attendees to Remember From Your Talk? 

I think the most important thing I want attendees to remember from my talk on “Putting AI to Work” is the importance of ensuring that there's an understanding around AI. AI is difficult. There's no way to cut corners and you need to work with the ecosystem. You need to have great partners to be successful in it. 

→ Watch the Full Talk: Talking AI Democratization With Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

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What Are You Thinking about Generative AI at the Moment? 

I wouldn't only emphasize Generative AI. I would instead think about the kind of questions to answer that are on the table, either strategic or operational. GenAI is one set of available technologies, but there are other technologies which are just as important as this one. For me, it's more about thinking about which technology fits with what I need to do in my business.

💡Check out this interactive microsite for how to get started with enterprise Generative AI.

What 3 Tips Would You Give People Just Starting in the Realm of AI? 

  1. First, start with the question.
  2. Then, be gentle with yourself – don’t expect too much from the very beginning. The operating roadmap for AI is still being created and written. There will be new technologies and hacks to improve efficiency over time.  
  3. Be very conscious that it will generate costs and you will spend more than you planned at the very beginning. 

Overall, try to build a roadmap and a portfolio of partners you trust, and then go on a journey together. 

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What Is Your Favorite Thing About Dataiku?

I'm actually very curious about the AI assistant Dataiku is building because I think assistants are tremendously important. Software applications are complex. You need a lot of documentation and you need to give knowledge to the next generation of employees and colleagues.

An assistant that might give this knowledge to colleagues is tremendously important to share tips on how to do your job in the best possible way.

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