The Coming AI Wave: Insights From IDC

Scaling AI Lynn Heidmann

With interest and buzz in AI exploding following the launch of ChatGPT late last year, it's a good time to take a pulse. Where are we today when it comes to enterprises adopting AI? What is the average organization spending? In what areas and for what use cases? What ROI are people and teams seeing? And what percent of AI projects still fail? 

In February, we sponsored an IDC InfoBrief "Create More Business Value From Your Organizational Data," which answers some of these questions — take a look at some of the highlights below. 

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The bottom line? Generative AI doesn't change the fundamentals. The way organizations can make AI work and increase adoption remains:

  1. Investing in upskilling people beyond the "data scientist" role to work with data.
  2. Reducing risk with sound governance (including Responsible AI and MLOps) practices.
  3. Taking a platform approach for longevity and consistency.
  4. Automate redundant processes to make room for use cases that bring more creativity and competitive edge.

IDC AI-Augmented Work Infographic



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