“Data Science Pioneers” Documentary Skyrockets to a Global Sensation

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Dataiku’s compelling documentary, “Data Science Pioneers,” has been viewed by more than 6,000 people in over 40 countries globally. Read further for additional highlights from the film.

“Data science is truly revolutionizing the world.”

Perry Beaumont, Head of Data Science and Actuary at Distinguished Programs and lecturer at Columbia University, encapsulates the key takeaway of the “Data Science Pioneers: Conquering the Next Frontier” documentary in that one line — data science holds the potential to unlock new ways of exploring the world, optimizing systems and processes, and overcoming bespoke business challenges.

We understand how varied the data scientist population is, but the common thread that ties everyone together is a desire of doing something new and being accountable for generating some form of societal impact. We wanted to tell this story.

Dataiku commissioned the documentary in order to improve the level of transparency within data scientists’ unique roles and the variety of questions they seek to answer, with the common goal of ultimately increasing understanding and inclusion in the field.

The documentary aims to unveil the various ways data scientists view their work, impact, and evolution of their careers and reveals powerful insights from a myriad of data scientists that hail from diverse backgrounds, startups and large companies, small and large cities, GDPR countries, and so on. The data scientists anecdotally add color to what their roles mean to them, how they approach questions on sensitive topics like privacy and ethics, and how they continuously leverage their community of other data-driven stakeholders to build a robust foundation for AI.

Is “Data Science Pioneers” for You?

The easy answer? Yes. The film is for data scientists and everyone who works with them. Whether you want to be a data scientist, already are one, or collaborate with them on projects, you can utilize the takeaways to better understand data culture, history, and the array of work experiences and deliverables data scientists own. The documentary is made for anyone interested in data, whether professionally or as an amateur.

While the movie discusses data science as a whole, its challenges, and its trajectory, the focus is really on the people that work in the field everyday. It embodies the “pioneer” spirit of these data scientists and sheds light on what it is really like to work in data science on a daily basis.

Reasons You Should Watch

Here are the key factors that should motivate you to watch “Data Science Pioneers” if you have not already:

  • We interviewed 20 of the sharpest data scientists in New York City, London, Amsterdam, and Stuttgart, hailing from 20 unique companies, and are proud to share the compilations of our discussions with them and how they are pushing us toward technological revolution.
  • We have more than 215 screenings scheduled around the world and you can even schedule and host a free private screening for your company by completing this form. The runtime is only one hour and we think you’ll be captivated after minute one.
  • As we mentioned earlier, the film has been viewed by over 6,000 people in 40 countries around the world, including Swaziland, Uruguay, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and the Holy See. Look out for us if you are flying in the United Arab Emirates, as “Data Science Pioneers” is featured on Etihad’s in-flight entertainment program!
  • The film has been pre-selected for more than 25 awards and holds an 8.8/10 rating on IMDb. Get in on the conversation on Twitter @PioneersData!

Looking Ahead

We hope that by watching “Data Science Pioneers” you gain a firsthand perspective on what it really means to be a data scientist and how those working in the field are powering the AI revolution. At Dataiku, we are determined to keep the data science community alive and thriving, a task that includes maintaining the collaborative and innovative nature on which it was built. You can fill out this form to stay current on upcoming screenings and release information and be sure to stay on the lookout for our next project!


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