The Goldman Sachs Data-First Approach

Scaling AI Pauline Brown

Building a comprehensive surveillance platform requires scalability, business understanding, and smart algorithms that work on large amounts of text, graph (social networks), and time-series data. In other words, it's no easy feat - watch Mayur Thakur, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, talk about how he and his team were able to build a data-first approach.

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Dataiku hosted the inaugural EGG conference in November 2017 in New York City where Mayur and others provided a practical look at what it takes to transform organizations around analytics (plus tactical takeaways and next steps for how to get there). Over the coming weeks, we’ll be doing a deep dive into or recap on some of the talks and topics for those who weren’t able to attend. Learn about  future EGG events here to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action.

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