In Search of a New Year’s Resolution? Check Out Proof of Concept!

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We are excited to introduce the Proof of Concept podcast (also known as PoC) for viewers and listeners who want to learn, grow, and upskill themselves in the field of data science and machine learning (ML). PoC connects with viewers from all backgrounds and skill sets who interact with or use data everyday, whether technical and working in code or on the business side and low- or no-code. We’ve spent the last six months building out this project and are excited to share it with you. After all, Everyday AI can only grow through collaboration, knowledge sharing, transparency, and a shared data science culture. 

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How Did PoC Come to Fruition?

Before we talk about all the interesting topics we covered in 2021, let’s give you a quick background and history of PoC. The concept originated with an idea of having a talk show that connects with individuals who are interested in learning about data science and AI — content curated by our speakers (who are data science subject matter experts), sharing real-life use cases across all verticals based on observations our teams see in the field. Then, we aimed to turn that knowledge into a series of educational sessions to inspire viewers who are interested in data science and AI to make smarter and more informed decisions. 

We kicked off Season 1 with one of the most hot-button and frequently discussed topics of 2021 — Kubernetes — and followed that with topics such as R, AutoML, feature stores, ML models, and more. Each 20-minute episode is divided into five main segments: 

  • Introductions: We contextualize the concept for each episode via cool, cutting-edge projects done on it
  • “In Plain English”: We provide a crisp explanation of the topic at hand in layman’s terms 
  • Compare and Contrast: We compare the current technology to other alternatives but also point out any existing limitations
  • What’s the Value? We unpack the value from the technology at hand, both in theory and in practice
  • What’s Next? We discuss predictions and where we see the topic at hand evolving over the next five or 10 years

These episodes are now available and listeners can consume all the Season 1 episodes (eight in total) with just one click — anywhere, anytime. 

PoC on Spotify

Thanks to the amazing content curated by our speakers (Grant Case, RVP Sales Engineering ANZ and Alex Hubert, RVP Sales Engineering, APAC) that connected with the viewers, we are excited to announce that we will release Season 2 of PoC beginning in June/July 2022. 

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