413% ROI With Dataiku

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More than 600 companies worldwide use Dataiku, bringing together experts from across their organizations for faster time to value on data and AI projects. But how much faster is faster? And what other cost savings and benefits does Dataiku drive? Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dataiku has quantified answers.

413% ROI With Dataiku | Forrester: The Total Economic Impact Of Dataiku

Overall, customer interviews and financial analysis found that a composite organization experienced benefits of $23.5 million over three years and an ROI of 413% with Dataiku. 

Plus, the study highlighted:

Increased User Productivity

“By using the Dataiku platform,” the Forrester study says, “Users see a significant improvement in their productivity on a day-to-day basis and across different phases of their work, from data extraction and analysis to model deployment and monitoring."

These improvements, as outlined in the study, include:

  • Over 70% time saved by data scientists and data engineers on data analysis and extraction.
  • 80% time savings on manual processes.
  • 40+% average time reduction for model lifecycle activities, including model training, deployment, and monitoring.

Our take? Dataiku helps organizations go faster by streamlining the entire data lifecycle. From data ingestion to visualization, Dataiku is one, unified platform that allows business, data, and IT teams to seamlessly collaborate and iterate on projects. By automating repetitive tasks and offering intuitive interfaces, Dataiku enables data professionals to focus on high-value activities, thereby increasing productivity and reducing time-to-insight.

💡Increased productivity is something we hear over and over again from our customers. For example:

Reduced Costs

By using Dataiku and empowering its own workforce to work with data, the composite organization in Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dataiku realized substantial cost savings because it no longer needs to leverage as many external tools and/or third-party organizations — a benefit quantified at $3 million+ in savings.

“There are multiple use cases in which we avoided using external consultancies and/or third-party analytical tools. If we combine all of that, we may have easily saved $5 million by internalizing these processes and eliminating the need for external vendors and consultancies.”

— Analytics and Data Science Product Owner in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The only end-to-end platform on the market, Dataiku offers a comprehensive solution that covers the entire data pipeline and consolidates various analytics tasks into a single platform, from data preparation to deployment. 

This integrated approach 

  • Streamlines workflows and eliminates the need for organizations to invest in multiple analytics tools.
  • Saves on licensing fees for multiple tools.
  • Reduces the time and resources required for training and maintenance, resulting in substantial cost savings for organizations of all sizes.

Dataiku Your Future-Proof Operating System-1

Dataiku: Your future-proof operating system empowering everyone to generate AI value at speed ... with control.

No matter where your data is stored or what your existing infrastructure, Dataiku provides a governed and scalable framework for working with data and building AI projects that deliver value. This holds true for both standard analytics and machine learning in the enterprise as well as Generative AI with the LLM Mesh

Efficiency gains for Business Users

The interviewed data leaders have highlighted how the outcomes of the work done on Dataiku benefited their entire organizations, mainly due to the automation of a variety of manual processes. More specifically, Forrester details how automation reduces manual work by 80% in year three with Dataiku.

Interviewees provided various examples of processes that previously required substantial manual effort and that were automated:

  • The chief data scientist of a financial services organization mentioned: “We had a regulatory and compliance piece that took on average six months and required development resources. Now, it takes a week and does not require development resources but business resources.”
  • The head of data and analytics at a fashion company underlined: “We had a lot of cases where people would be trying to merge information that they had on their desktop, whether it’s something from spreadsheets or something they got from a third party. These processes are now automated thanks to Dataiku.”

Automation is at the core of Dataiku's value proposition, enabling organizations to streamline their data workflows and drive efficiency across the board. With Dataiku, repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as data preparation, feature engineering, and model deployment can be automated, freeing up valuable resources for more strategic initiatives. By leveraging built-in automation features, users can orchestrate complex data pipelines with ease, reducing the manual effort required to manage and maintain data processes.

Improved Decision Making

The Forrester study also highlights how Dataiku supported the composite organization from a top-line standpoint, impacting the composite's revenue directly. An estimated $15.1 million present value (PV) results from improved decision making due to Dataiku's democratization of data usage and access.

“There are around 10 to 20 issues a year that we have to face, and they cost us between $1 million and $10 million. Before Dataiku we had just one person that would have the right data to tackle issues and would therefore only focus on the biggest one. It would also take us long to fix it. With Dataiku, the pool of people that can tackle problems instead of being one becomes 20 people.”

— Data Science Lead in the Energy industry

💡Data democratization leading to better decision making is a common benefit for Dataiku customers. For example:

  • Toyota leverages Dataiku to democratize data access, accelerate AI model development and deployment, and uncover hidden insights from vast datasets.
  • Michelin uses Dataiku to democratize AI, improving quality, maintenance, machine availability, supply chain, energy consumption, and more.

Plus: Improved Governance, Increased Data Security, & More

Unquantified benefits also called out by customer interviewees and identified by Forrester in the study include increased data security and compliance as well as improved governance. 

By centralizing data management and implementing granular access controls, Dataiku enables organizations to safeguard sensitive information and mitigate the risks associated with data breaches. This not only protects the organization's reputation but also helps avoid potential regulatory penalties, fostering trust among customers and stakeholders.

Moreover, Dataiku facilitates improved governance practices, which are crucial for ensuring data quality, consistency, and transparency across the organization. By establishing standardized processes and workflows, Dataiku helps mitigate the risk of errors and inconsistencies in data analysis, ensuring that decision-makers have access to reliable and accurate information.

Respondents in the study also specifically said they appreciated the flexibility that Dataiku brings, especially in the face of Generative AI. The LLM Mesh allows them to innovate while still keeping governance, cost, and risk reduction in mind. 


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