The Top 5 Dataiku Academy Courses From 2020

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In May, Dataiku launched Dataiku Academy, a free online learning tool to enable all users to build their skills around Dataiku DSS. Dataiku Academy is designed for every type of user — from non-technical roles to the hardcore coders — and meant to guide them through self-paced, interactive online training. Below, we share the five Dataiku Academy courses with the highest enrollment and a brief overview of what each course contains so you can decide which ones to take in the new year.

1. Basics 101

The estimated time for course completion is 71 minutes.

Basics 101 had the most enrollments in 2020 and is step one in the hands-on learning journey with Dataiku DSS. Upon completion of the course, users will be able to create a Dataiku DSS project and set it up for easier collaboration, connect to data and create a dataset, and explore and analyze their data via charts and other visualization tools.

2. Basics 102

The estimated time for course completion is 80 minutes.

Next up, Basics 102. Here, users continue to explore their data by experimenting with date handling, creating statistical analyses, learning new aggregation techniques, and exploring the Flow.

3. Basics 103

The estimated time for course completion is 46 minutes.

In Basics 103, users really get their hands dirty and complete their first Dataiku DSS project. Upon completion, users will know how to enrich one dataset with another, create a visual analysis in the Lab, and use reporting tools like dashboards.

4. Core Designer Certificate

The Core Designer is an assessment-based certificate. In order to take the assessment, users need to complete all the courses in the Core Designer Learning Path, which include Basics 101-103, Visual Recipes Overview, Integration With SQL Databases, and Dataiku DSS & SQL. The exam includes a hands-on element where users will build a DSS project from scratch, following instructions, and a multiple choice exam that will test users’ knowledge on the Dataiku DSS platform and based on the completed hands-on project.

In 2020 alone, more than 1,100 users have become Core Designer certified! Of the Core Designer Learning Path, one user said, “The explanations are easy to understand and they show the potential of the tool.” Another commented, “The quality of the tutorials is on another level of excellence!”

5. Visual Recipes Overview

In this course, users get the full overview of visual recipes for transforming data in Dataiku DSS. Users will learn about the following recipes: distinct, group by, join, pivot, prepare, sample/filter, sort, split, stack, top N, and window and will have to complete a detailed hands-on exercise on internal flights. They will also be able to use processors such as the find and replace processor. The estimated time for completion is 133 minutes.

Looking Ahead

So far this year, we’ve had more than 10,500 enrollments across all of the Dataiku Academy courses. With regard to certifications, since the launch of the Dataiku Academy, we’ve had more than 1,000 Core Designer Certificates achieved and over 200 ML Practitioner Certificates achieved. Dataiku DSS user Perry Beaumont said, "The Dataiku Machine Learning Certification is world-class, and offers a comprehensive and thorough review of all the key topics and concepts related to obtaining a deep understanding of machine learning principles." Looking ahead to 2021, we are excited about the opportunity to continue to help Dataiku DSS users become more autonomous in how they use the platform while, in turn, helps them become more efficient in driving results to their teams.

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