Why Users Love Dataiku: Stories From the Community

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The Dataiku Community is in high spirits this February as we mark three years since the launch of our online community and 10 years since the founding of Dataiku. As we look ahead to the future of AI, we’re grateful for the support of our users, who have been with us on this journey every step of the way. 

To celebrate this special milestone, we've gathered stories and memories from some of our valued community members. From data science initiatives in astronomical observatories to a platform for collective intelligence in financial institutions, read on to see the impact of Dataiku on these individuals and organizations.

In honor of the occasion, we're also inviting all Dataiku users to share their own stories on social media using the hashtag #DecadeofDataiku. Let's continue to democratize data science and accelerate time to value together!

Craig Turrell

As a platform, Dataiku allows you to create a community of collective intelligence where people can build assets together in the same place. And now, through my 100 days of coding, and what I’ve gotten through it, it’s also become my mentor.

When I have to think about something and how to go about doing it, I can go to the Dataiku Academy or connect with individuals in the Dataiku Community to help me through that thinking process. And that is really accelerating our journey to advanced AI and Everyday AI.”

- Craig Turrell, Head of Digital CoE, Aspire Analytics, Standard Chartered Bank

Rachel Kurtz

As a consulting firm, at InterWorks, we utilize a lot of the inherent capabilities of Dataiku both internally and with our clients. Internally, we use it to prepare and investigate our internal data, from HR data to client interaction data. With our clients, we work across all verticals to help them understand what’s going on. 

Since the data is often in different places, the Prepare and Join recipes are the tasks that are performed in pretty much every workflow we create. We are also often using the scheduling functionalities so that these preparation steps are happening on a regular schedule without us having to necessarily go in and rerun the code ourselves. 

All of this is done with the goal of understanding what’s been happening with our business, what’s happening with our clients, and to hopefully also predict what’s going to happen and see into the future.”

- Rachel Kurtz, Analytics Architect, InterWorks


Perry Beaumont

As an educator, I think that Dataiku can really help change the mindset of people who may not be more technically oriented in a variety of ways, but not the least of which is that Dataiku has a very visual way of learning. The recipes are very much step-by-step and very intuitive in terms of how we begin a project, what’s involved with collecting data, making sure the data is in a proper form, then transforming that into insights.

And it’s done in a way that whether you are someone who’s very comfortable with programming and using Python and other advanced techniques, or maybe a little bit more removed from that, there’s a way that you can become involved in the learning process.”

- Perry Beaumont, Lecturer, Columbia University


Ignacio Toledo

“As the operations of the astronomical observatories become more and more complex, and critical to the success of our scientific projects, we need our team and staff to have all the tools available in order to make more informed and effective decisions. Working with data has to be part of our culture, and this is achieved by democratizing access to analytics and artificial intelligence tools.  

There is a saying: ‘If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.’ To empower more people with their data, we need to expose them to new tools and frameworks that are made with that goal in mind, so we can all see beyond Python scripts and cron jobs. This is how I’m helping. And our main partner in this endeavor has been Dataiku and its team.”

- Ignacio Toledo, Data Science Initiative Lead, ALMA Observatory 

Anton Bulik

Dataiku has shown us unprecedented ways to manipulate data. We were struck by the simplicity of executing the most complex actions through its intuitive interface. Overall this was a major upgrade for our team as the time spent with data wrangling has been reduced by more than 50%, which leaves us with more room to focus on new challenges.”

- Anton Bulik, Data Team Manager, Orange Business Services

Tom Brown

“I have been using Dataiku since late 2016. At that time, I was looking for tools to help solve challenging decision-support problems at a nonprofit theater. During my journey, I investigated many tools, including R, Python, and a number of other low-code machine learning tools. During this exploration, I became aware of Dataiku, which has provided me with a number of collaborative, easy-to-use data preparation, statistical analysis, graphics, and visual predictive modeling tools.

Since then, Dataiku has supported my work with many different nonprofits, through the Ikig.AI program. This support has helped organizations like Liberty Science Center, Cascade Bicycle Club, and, today, the Aspire Institute, which provides leadership development to first-generation college students around the world.  Thank you, Dataiku team, for supporting me personally and the nonprofit organizations who I serve.”

- Tom Brown, Technology Officer, Aspire Institute


Sudipta Ghosh

Dataiku has greatly impacted my day-to-day work by streamlining and automating many of the data processing and analysis tasks that were previously time consuming and labor intensive. Overall, Dataiku has significantly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's data-driven decision-making processes.

I will always cherish the memory of being honored with the Neuron program at Dataiku. It was a proud moment for me, knowing that my hard work and dedication had been recognized. I will always remember the feeling of accomplishment and validation that came with it, and it will forever be a highlight in my career.”

- Sudipta Ghosh, Data Scientist, Capgemini


Madhuleena Nath

The journey from not knowing what a recipe is to becoming a Dataiku Neuron was very smooth, owing to Dataiku's intuitive interface and highly supportive community. Dataiku has accelerated the analysis and processing of everyday tasks and improved my skill sets thanks to its vast availability of languages and databases.

My favorite memory has to be the Everyday AI Conference hosted in Bengaluru, India. The sole fact that Dataiku is being utilized in such a diverse set of use cases worldwide is something in itself. Such experiences broaden one's perspective and help in building creative solutions.”

- Madhuleena Nath, Technology Lead, Knowledge Lens Private Limited


David Makovoz

Recently, I was involved with helping our team of citizen data scientists implement a project. The project was to get images from smart glasses, run image classification, classify images, extract the relevant descriptions of the identified objects, and present the descriptions in the smart glasses.

It was very exciting to be able to do the integration of data collection, image classification, and running what-if analysis using Dataiku flows. It was also very satisfying to see a team of people, not professional data scientists, being able to run highly advanced data science tasks of image classification and information extraction.”

- David Makovoz, Lead Data Scientist, Raytheon Technologies Corporation



Yash Puranik

“Dataiku is fun to use. Working with Dataiku at Aimpoint Digital, a premier analytics service provider, I can deploy a prototype to a production solution in just a few clicks. This means that I can spend most of my time on the fun part of coming up with innovative solutions to interesting problems. As a Dataiku partner, this enables us to help our diverse clients across logistics, manufacturing, and bio-pharma to achieve the massive business impact of ML/AI technologies at scale in a matter of weeks, not months or years. 

The same efficiency also helps speed up all my personal projects, whether that is using a Dataiku plugin macro to directly submit solutions to Kaggle contests from Dataiku, or setting up email alerts for when our team members complete new Dataiku certifications. I’m super excited to witness what the next 10 years bring for Dataiku!”

- Yash Puranik, Principal Data Scientist, Aimpoint Digital


Marlan Crosier

Overall, we really like Dataiku. It's transformed both our development process and our ability to deploy machine learning (and increasingly other analytics) products to customers. We have been able to accomplish what we needed to across a broad range of problems.

Dataiku as a company has been great to work with. They are responsive both at the moment to immediate issues as well as to more strategic questions. For example, we are currently planning to move from on-premises to the cloud, and they have been very supportive in providing guidance on this move.”

- Marlan Crosier, Senior Data Scientist, Premera Blue Cross

Vivek Jany

Dataiku has completely changed the way we work. Its automation capabilities have made our processes more efficient and our lives easier. It was easy to learn, quick to process, and opened up a lot of opportunities. I’m so glad to have been recognized as a Neuron and as a finalist in the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards 2022.”

- Vivek Jany, Senior Specialist, Maersk GSC

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