Level Up Your Data Skills With the Dataiku Community

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Looking to expand your data science skills or uplevel your knowledge? Since its launch in 2020, the Dataiku Community has been the one-stop destination for peer-to-peer support and learning about Dataiku and data science. 

Community 2 year anniversary

Now celebrating its second anniversary, the Community continues to grow and evolve to offer even more value to its members and visitors. Building on foundational programs and features such as user groups, online events, and lively discussion boards, it now includes podcasts, awards, a product ideas section, and much more — with plans to continue to expand! 

The platform’s growth is matched by its increasing numbers, with the success of its first year carried into its second: On a monthly basis, approximately 28,000 active users come to visit, read, and learn, with over 600 questions and answers posted, and an average of 290,000 views and follows on solutions. 

Continue reading to find out more about the Dataiku Community’s key activities and highlights from the past year, and discover how it enables users from all backgrounds and levels of expertise to advance their knowledge of data science. You can even catch a first glimpse of our brand new section: Inspiration! 

How You Can Benefit From the Dataiku Community

Discover Use Cases Across Industries


Aspiring to drive your field forward using data science? Check out over 40 pioneering projects showcased during the first Dataiku Frontrunner Awards. You can filter through the use cases and success stories to find the ones most applicable to your industry, or discover the inspiring achievements of the 2021 winners and finalists.

To name but a few of our standout submissions: 

  • Data Science for Good: Winner Aaron Crouch, Data Analytics Manager at Atlantic Plant Maintenance, built a Dataiku project to assess the probability of defects in machinery equipment, based on which his organization implemented a mitigation strategy — enabling workers who may otherwise have been injured to make it home safely.
  • Responsible AI: Ash Tapia and Linda Hoeberigs from Unilever’s People Data Center led an assessment on the fairness of the most widely used tool for analysts worldwide to leverage natural language processing for insights into their customers. Built as a Dataiku plugin, the tool was the first capability in all of Unilever to pass the external assessment — ensuring it fits within responsible and unbiased business practices.

Join a User Group Near You

The Dataiku Community hosts a growing number of user groups worldwide, wherein members come together with others in their region to network, share expertise, and exchange best practices. In addition to providing a dedicated discussion area, they also feature quarterly events to gather virtually and explore use cases, with plans to host in-person events when circumstances permit. 

Dataiku users

You don’t need to be an expert to join: The groups are open to all data practitioners, welcoming customers, partners, academics, users, and those who are simply curious to learn more about Dataiku and data science. 

If you don’t see a group in your area, don’t hesitate to suggest one yourself! As the Community grows, new groups continue to be created, such as the recently launched India and U.S. Midwest user groups.

Exchange With Data Science Experts

If you’re seeking some expert advice on your latest data science project, you can get in touch with one of the Dataiku Neurons, the most contributive users across our community who dedicate their time and expertise to connect and share their knowledge with fellow users.

Dataiku Neurons

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, they offer valuable insights across the Community discussions, online events, and many other initiatives such as the hands-on volunteer challenge hosted together with ALMA Observatory. For instance, French users benefit from the guidance of Tuong-vi Nguyen, Technical Lead at Generali, as a volunteer lead of the Paris User Group, while Tom Brown, CRM Manager at Spoleto Festival, facilitates nerdy discussions in the New York User Group.

Introducing: Dataiku Inspiration

Calling all Dataiku users: Do you have any tips and tricks within Dataiku that make your day-to-day work easier? We’re launching Dataiku Inspiration to enable you to share it with the Community and learn a few secrets to unlock the full value of Dataiku! 

Dataiku Inspiration

You can either submit your own inspiration — bits and pieces of knowledge that you have picked up that make your time quicker, easier, and/or smarter — or subscribe to see the latest insights, which will be periodically shared on the dedicated page. We’re kicking off with two pieces available from our in-house experts: 

We value all contributions to the program, so don’t hesitate to send in your best tip — you never know whose work and time you may optimize. As a special thank you, early participants can even earn a reward for sharing their advice! 

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