Best Practices: Encourage Collaboration and Reusability in Data Science

Scaling AI Pauline Brown

The ability for people to work together on projects and to reuse each others' work can make or break a data team, making the difference between one that's scalable and productive vs. stagnant. Take it from experts at Ubisoft, Pfizer, Kickstarter, and The Muse, who, at the EGG2017 conference in New York City, participated in a panel to discuss best practices for fostering and encouraging this transformation.

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Dataiku hosted the inaugural EGG conference in November 2017 in New York City where experts from across industries provided a practical look at what it takes to transform organizations around analytics (plus tactical takeaways and next steps for how to get there).

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be doing a deep dive into or recap on some of the talks and topics for those who weren’t able to attend. By the way, you can sign up to receive info on EGG2018 here to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Watch the panel discussion on reusability and collaboration, which featured:

  • Gaelle Periat, Data & BI Manager, Ubisoft 
  • Chris Kakkanatt, Lead Data Analytics at Pfizer 
  • Jeremy Salfen, Director of Data at Kickstarter 
  • Chris Ryan, Tech Lead at The Muse


If you're ready for more inspiration for scaling a data team in a large enterprise, check out some of our other fantastic speakers at EGG2017, including:

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