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Leveraging Web Logs to Build Custom Google Analytics

Google Analytics is so seamless that users rarely consider running the analytics themselves. But the advantages to building custom tools to analyze web logs are numerous, including the ability to...

* Use Cases & Projects, * Dataiku Product | October 03, 2019 | Jeremy Greze

How To Build a Basic Website Based on Real-Time Predictions

I recently launched my latest little side project called Human or Company: a web page where anyone can enter a Twitter username and instantly determine whether that username belongs to a person or...

* Use Cases & Projects, * Dataiku Product | May 23, 2018 | Jeremy Greze

How to Create Value From Raw Web Logs With Machine Learning

Almost every action we do on the Internet or on mobile applications is recorded in files known as web logs. These logs can be very voluminous, providing a classic example of Big Data.

data science, Technology, Events | October 19, 2016 | Jeremy Greze

Join Datasets with Approximate String Matching: Movie Titles

When working with text values provided by real users, you must deal with various approximations or typing errors. Let's have a look at how Data Science Studio makes dealing with a list of...

* Data Basics, * Dataiku Product | July 17, 2014 | Jeremy Greze

Easy Text Clustering

Working on text-based datasets is a different world to dealing with numbers. Comparisons between words are much harder and it may be difficult to group or aggregate similar values. Let's find out...

* Dataiku Product | June 24, 2014 | Jeremy Greze

A Marketing Guy's First Steps in Data Science With the Titanic Kaggle

As a marketeer, I had quite a lot of experience using Excel but never really ran predictive models.Find out how I used the studio to predict survival from the sinking of the Titanic.

* Data Basics, * Use Cases & Projects, * Dataiku Product | May 12, 2014 | Jeremy Greze
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