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Aligning People, Processes, and Technology Is a Matter of Time

Getting to the Next Phase of AI Maturity (While Reducing Costs and Driving Value)

The Challenges of Model Maintenance in 2020 [Infographic]

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The Forrester Wave Pegs Dataiku a Leader

Facial Recognition Under Fire in the U.S. Congress

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What Is Marketing AI and Why Does it Matter?

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How to Activate your Academic Project with Data

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How AI Will Change Marketing (and Marketers)

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McDonald's Turns to AI for a Better Burger

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Healthcare Analytics from the Pros

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Making Sense of Startup Ecosystem Data

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Can AI Actually Be an Objective Judge?

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GE Aviation: From Data Silos to Self-Service

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Planning & Forecasting in the Age of AI

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Taxi Cab Fare Prediction Machine Learning in Real Time

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